AlfaNova all stainless steel plate heat exchanger

Fusion-bonded plate heat exchangers

Alfa Laval’s patented AlfaFusion bonding technology creates highly efficient, compact heat exchangers made entirely of stainless steel. Virtually maintenance free and capable of handling extremely high pressures and temperatures, they are an ideal heat transfer solution for challenging applications. These include duties with high cleanliness demands, with aggressive media such as ammonia, or where copper or nickel pose contamination risks.

AlfaFusion is a breakthrough manufacturing technique that combines improved hygiene and corrosion resistance with the high efficiency and compact footprint of a brazed plate heat exchanger. By enabling a full stainless steel construction, our fusion-bonded AlfaNova heat exchangers can be used in installations normally reserved for conventional semi-welded and welded technologies. They are also a confident choice when the prime focus is on cleanliness, such as in clean water refrigeration and tap water heating systems.

In applications with high hygiene demands, all equipment must conform to the strictest standards. For drinking water applications in particular, where protecting consumer health is a top concern, preventing the possibility of nickel and copper contamination has become a critical issue. As a result, more and more OEMs are seeking heat exchanger solutions for clean water chiller and tap water heating systems that do not use these metals.

Built in 100% stainless steel, AlfaNova heat exchangers are an optimal choice when nickel and copper just won’t do. In addition to providing peace of mind when it comes to hygiene, they also offer much higher efficiency than traditional copper and nickel-free solutions used for these duties.

Unique features to boost your performance

With more than 80 years of experience in heat transfer innovation, Alfa Laval knows what it takes to deliver high-performance solutions for any application. Our experts continuously develop new innovations that give our fusion-bonded plate heat exchangers more reliable and efficient performance.

AlfaNova® - 100% stainless steel

Built with 100% stainless steel, AlfaNova® is a solution that Alfa Laval offers for applications that use media not compatible with traditional heat exchanger materials. Not only is this advanced design optimized for use with natural refrigerants, it’s also completely recyclable.

FlexFlow™ - Superior thermal performance

Alfa Laval’s patented asymmetrical plate design is one of many unique innovations that gives you improved thermal efficiency thanks to optimized pressure drop and increased turbulence. In addition to cutting energy consumption, that means reducing refrigerant volumes and raw materials.


As an innovative driver in the development of solutions for natural refrigerants, Alfa Laval brings years of experience working with products that enable the use of new-generation and low-GWP refrigerants to help you meet sustainability goals and any legislative requirements.

ValuePlus - Total support – with value-adding options to fit your needs

Get access to a wide range of tools as well as Alfa Laval’s application and product experts. ValuePlus support includes all documentation, approvals and certifications in addition to an ever-expanding range of accessories. Thanks to Alfa Laval’s prototyping and testing expertise as well as our large-scale manufacturing capabilities, you can always expect fast delivery, easy installation and optimization, and full compliance with any regulations.

Pressure Secure

Our innovative plate designs support the widest range of high-temperature and high-pressure applications. Units can run using thinner plates and fewer plates, which translates to less raw material, lower energy consumption, reduced refrigerant charge and a longer equipment lifecycle.

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