Spring Return Mechanical Diaphragm Pump Type D

Mechanical Diaphragm pumps are suitable in case that: 
- The dosed liquid contains small amounts of suspended solids 
- The dosed liquid is a toxic solution 
- A drip proof/air tight application is required 
- High pressure is not required

Each pump is fitted with a standard gearbox reduction system and with a vertical mounted B14 shaped electric motor in accordance with UNEL-MEC specifications.

The motor power range is from 0.18 Kw up to 0.37 KW as the European standard: 3 phase voltages of 230/400V @ 50/60Hz, 4 pole and 1 phase voltages of 230/50/60 Hz or 110/60 Hz. 

As motors conform to UNEL-MEC specifications, there are many available alternative options, including different voltages, insulation classes and special explosion proof versions. 

The reduction gearbox is of a standard endless screw plus worm-wheel type, supported by bearings, fully lubricated in an oil-bath. 

The mechanism for the variation of the stroke spring return type, that is operated by an eccentric.

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